Thursday, 19 April 2012

Community Spotlight: Trooper Commando

That uniform is only regulation on Hutta. Maybe not even on Hutta, actually.
This is the first installment of what will be a recurring feature on Thrown Gauntlet. Each week I'll be looking at a site that supports the Star Wars: The Old Republic community, be it a blog, podcast, information database, or otherwise. My hope is to point people to other websites they may also enjoy and to bring the SW:TOR blogging community closer together.

Trooper Commando bills itself as "your guide to SWTOR end-game", and it is exactly that. There are many things that I enjoy about the site, but let me highlight a few for you.
  • The boss fight videos. Not only are they clear and easy to watch (check them out here), you get something in their accompanying article that I very much value, having led raids in the past: the 5-second recap. These guides are invaluable and I definitely recommend you take a look!
Every raid leader has done this, but usually you don't have it written down in front of you and it sounds a lot less coherent.

  • Timeliness of information. Accomp, the site's admin, is part of a raiding guild which recently was selected for guild testing on the PTS. This meant that he was able to provide guides to Explosive Conflict, the new raid, based on testing he had done with his guild. Having the information on Day 1 that the patch goes live makes the site an invaluable resource.
  • Dedication to improvement. Accomp is continually seeking ways to improve the site, asking for feedback and encouraging discussion. He's always willing to take feedback and integrate that into the site.

  • Contests! Accomp has a promotion going on right now where you could win a code for a Taun Fawn pet for doing nothing more than being a member and being active on the Trooper Commando website. Go check it out!
In summary - Trooper Commando is already a great resource for Operations guides and commentary, and should only improve. I highly recommend you check out the site for yourself and that you follow Accomp's twitter account, @troopercommando.

Have a website you think I should look at, or that you think should be in the spotlight? Let me know at, or let me know on my Twitter account, @ThrownGauntlet. I'm always looking for new blogs, resources and fansites to review!

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